We provide evidence based highly personalized applied behavior analysis services to children and families in Massachusetts.

Our Company

At Key Connections ABA Services, LLC, we specialize in working with individuals whose challenges can be medically complex, have a dual diagnosis, and have co-existing mental health challenges. To address their issues, we offer solutions-based treatment and programs and strive to strengthen their support system. With our ABA Services in Greater Boston and center based services Chelmsford, Massachusetts, we help our clients learn self-reflection, self-regulation protocols, and adaptive social skills that are useful in their daily lives. We believe that everyone has the potential to be their best selves with effective self-management skills. Thus, we treat our clients and their families as our collaborators in finding effective ways for them to deal with their issues. Our licensed and well-trained professionals do not only assist our clients, but we also provide their loved ones and caregivers the support that they need to deal with the challenges that they may face as they help their loved ones.

Our Mission

The mission of Key Connections ABA Services, LLC, (KCAS) is simple, putting people first and building meaningful connections. We believe a person-centered environment offers the opportunity for truly individualized care to develop a unique treatment approach.  Firmly embedded in the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis, we strive to meet the needs of our clients and their family unit through a dedicated team that is committed to compassionate care and best practice clinical excellence. In collaboration with other providers, we strive to create a learning environment that generalizes to a client’s home, school, and greater community.

Diversity Statement

At Key Connections ABA Services, we are dedicated to promoting, nurturing, and maintaining a culture of equity, inclusion, and diversity through committed action now and for the future of the company.

Our employees and their individual differences are valued and acknowledged as an asset to the agency. As a team, Key Connections cultivates mutual respect among staff, family members of our clients and the clients themselves through on-going education and development of cultural experiences beyond our own, while simultaneously deconstructing the foundation from which bias develops. We recognize privilege and are committed to supporting marginalized communities and families through universal access programs such as telehealth, linguistic support and accommodations for those with disabilities. We offer accessibility services with supplemental resources including virtual group therapy, in-home group and individualized sessions along with soon-to-be center-based groups and specialized care for diverse needs.

We embrace and honor individual social identities (encompassing age, disability/ability, ethnicity, gender identity, race, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, religious orientation, and hearing status) among other factors. Key Connections actively promotes honesty, self-reflection and on-going development regarding operational policies and procedures. We hold ourselves accountable for continuous learning about inclusion and diversity through the latest data-driven research on subjects that matter most to our clients and the community around us. Continuous and empathetic communication with clients, families and staff promotes a culture of compassion and understanding where both the listener and speaker are always learning from one another. From our interview process, through on-boarding training and beyond, our workplace empowers all employees to collaborate, communicate, advocate and commit to clients and co-workers with mutual respect and dignity.

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