Examples of ABA Activities that can be Done at Home

Examples of ABA Activities that can be Done at Home

Applied behavioral analysis (ABA) is perhaps the most common therapy for children with autism and other developmental conditions. It is typically referred to as the gold standard when it comes to improving social, communication, and learning skills through positive reinforcement strategies. This is because therapists set specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bound (SMART) goals.

While it is ideal to have children with autism avail of ABA services in Chelmsford, Massachusetts, and open themselves to socialization, it’s also possible for parents to use its basic concepts in different settings without any formal training.

The concept of this type of autism therapy in Massachusetts is pretty straightforward and intuitive. Some common exercises that can be done at home and administered by parents include:

  • Sitting in the chair. This skill can be incorporated into different aspects of your child’s life like during meal times.
  • Maintaining eye contact. Parents can encourage their child with autism to look at them by blowing bubbles from your mouth. This activity can also be done along with sit in the chair.
  • Identifying emotions is a great activity for children who find it difficult to name and control their emotions. Parents or guardians of children with autism may print out smileys or faces that show emotions and ask them to identify each. This activity can also be used as an opportunity to open the discussion about their own emotions and how they can regulate them.

When doing these activities, parents must bear in mind that positive reinforcement plays an important role. For more autism resources and information about our ABA therapy services, contact key Connections ABA services, LLC now.

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