How to Connect with Children with ASD

How to Connect with Children with ASD

A lot of people consider connecting with children living with autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) to be difficult. This is mainly because they only use words to express what they want to say. Children with ASDs do not communicate solely with words, after all. You can try using body language, voice tone, and many others to connect with children with ASD.

  • Nonverbal Cues
    If you are observant both in everyday life and during the child’s autism therapy in Massachusetts, then you should be able to identify the latter’s nonverbal cues. These nonverbal cues may be the sounds they make, their gestures, or their facial expression. Each nonverbal cue may indicate that they are tired or hungry.
  • Tantrums
    In most cases, children with ASD act out when you are unable to pick up their nonverbal cues. They will feel frustrated that they are not properly conveying what they want to say. Most of the time, the only outlet for them is to throw temper tantrums. Identify the motivation between these tantrums, so you know how to react.
  • Fun Time
    Autistic children are still children. They need a life outside of their regular Asperger syndrome therapy sessions. Think of fun ways to bring a smile to a child’s face. Let them laugh out loud. Fun activities are oftentimes therapeutic for the child with ASD.

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