Social Skills: How to Teach a Child to Follow Directions

Social Skills: How to Teach a Child to Follow Directions

Children who are diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders are likely to find it challenging to follow directions. As we all know, inability to follow directions can, most often than not, lead to undesirable consequences. For that, it is only a given to provide as much help and patience to a child with autism so that they’ll learn how to follow instructions.

In autism therapy in Massachusetts, it is highly emphasized that parents and teachers should be well-versed in providing instructions so that the children can get good at following them. How do we do that? Here are some tips to take advantage of:

  • Give directions to the child one step at a time. Wait for them to complete the first instruction before giving out the next step.
  • Avoid phrasing your instructions as a question. Don’t say, “Can you go downstairs now?” Instead, say it as an instruction.
  • Don’t be angry at the little one if they are unable to complete the instruction you’ve given. It’s normal for children to get distracted or forget what you’ve just asked them to do, after all. Be patient.

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