Using Applied Behavior Therapy to Help Children with Autism Excel at Online Learning

Using Applied Behavior Therapy to Help Children with Autism Excel at Online Learning

Autism therapy available through telehealth services and in person sessions at home to help with remote learning.

Children with autism frequently benefit from a form of therapy known as ABA (applied behavior analysis). As telehealth services evolve to meet the needs of parents and children with autism, ABA therapy that is delivered remotely will become more commonplace. With ABA therapy, specific behaviors are analyzed in addition to learning skills, and goals are set to improve these behaviors and skills. This form of therapy is effective for children when the therapy is provided in the home and parents are highly involved in partnering with the ABA clinicians and paraprofessionals.

Key Connections ABA Services, LLC, provides in home services and telehealth services. For children with an Autism diagnosis, remote learning can be especially complex and challenging. Many parents have reached out to ask for specialized applied behavior health therapy to address the child’s needs to most effectively engage and benefit from online learning.

Behavior technicians and clinicians from Key Connections ABA Services, LLC, can help parents and students learn techniques that will optimize the online learning experience.

Now that you know more about autism and telehealth, consider utilizing telehealth services to get expert advice about autism. As of 2017, 10 percent of Americans used telehealth services, but the coronavirus pandemic is changing the face of modern healthcare delivery. Now as many as 30 percent of ABA services are provided online. Telehealth offers hope to children with autism, as well as greater peace of mind for their parents.

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