What Our Employees Are Saying About Pool Hours

In our most recent blog post, we discussed the importance of offering paid career development opportunities to your employees. At Key Connections, we offer “Pool Hours” to our Behavior Technicians, allowing for continued education, collaboration with colleagues, and additional income.

Recently, we sat down with employees to learn how they utilize these opportunities for growth.

When we asked Samantha Greeno, Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) how pool hours have contributed to her professional and personal growth she said, “I have had the opportunity to challenge my knowledge of the field and grow as an RBT by assisting in graphing and expanding my knowledge in data collection and program building.”

Wesley Putten, Behavior Therapist, mentioned that Pool Hours are “a great opportunity to learn new ideas and freshen up on things that can be forgotten if not put in to use.”

Many of our employees are utilizing Pool Hours to grow professionally and enhance their skills. The program we have in place allows them to get paid for this time, which leads to highly qualified employees that are consistently looking to advance their skills.

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