Why Offering Paid Career Development Opportunities is Beneficial for your Company

At Key Connections, we strive to provide our Behavior Technicians with opportunities for advancement at both the individual and career levels. By doing so, we have a great retention rate and high employee morale. 

We call these advancement opportunities “Pool Hours.” 

Pool Hours are offered to staff to use for career development, collaboration on cases, team meetings, ongoing support, and more. When implementing this concept, it was important to us that our Behavior Technicians were paid for these hours. Why? Simple. Their time is valuable.  

Each month, we send a calendar of available pool hours to all our BTs. This way, they can fit pool hours into their schedules, prepare for training opportunities, and collaborate with colleagues.


Here’s how implementing pool hours helps our employees. 


Continued Education 

Our BTs are educators at heart. They love learning so that they can enhance their skills and provide the best support to their clients. Pool hours offer tailored training and learning opportunities that are directly relevant to their careers. 

Collaborate with Colleagues  

The opportunity for collaboration is not something that is always available in the human services field. Often, BTs are focused on their caseload and do not spend much time interacting with their peers. Pool hours offer the opportunity for collaboration on cases, sharing of ideas, and offering resources.  

Additional Income 

Our team members are getting paid to learn and train simply by participating in pool hours. Not only that, but they are also preparing themselves for future opportunities by adding tools, new skillsets, and certified training to their resumes, which inevitably leads to additional compensation.  

Overall, pool hours have led to happier employees, and ones that are constantly advancing their skillset to provide the best services to clients. 

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